Our total solution approach includes the following capabilities:

Press size range Four tons to 200 tons   Neway Stamping Global Applications
Thickness range From .002 to .312  
Size range From .100" x .100" to 15" x 24"
(Neway can make parts so small that several will fit on your fingertip.)
Complexity Multiple forms, extrusions, rosets, small draws, tabs, embossing, ribs, trims, offests, stenciling, swagging laminations  
Simplicity Washers (all shapes and sizes), shims, brackets and blanks  
Flatness In-house parts and material flatteners to hold panel flatness  
Assemblies Small, medium size, sub-assemblies, multiple, welded  
Secondary Services Deburring; vibro, barrel, timesaving
Drilling: tapping, countersinking
Plating: all types, electronic, mechanical
Finishing: industrial coatings, epoxy, plastic, paint
Pem Nut assemblies
Part straightening
Lapping and grinding
Welding and brazing
Burnishing and polishing
Heat Treating

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